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Batman is related to a bat.

Bats carry the deadly

Henda Virus.

Vet dies from the deadly


26 August 2009


Biosecurity Queensland has euthanased a horse at a Cawarral horse nursery property that tested positive for Hendra virus infection.

Euthanasia is the national policy for horses confirmed as being infected with the virus.

Horses can have the virus in their system and recover, but there is an ongoing risk of the virus remaining dormant and reappearing in the future and this presents a potential threat to human and horse health.

Officers from the Australian Animal Health Laboratories (AAHL) have conducted a post mortem on the horse and taken blood and tissue samples that will help to better understand the disease.

The horse’s remains have been buried on the property in line with the appropriate biosecurity requirements.

The Cawarral property will remain under quarantine until Biosecurity Queensland is completely confident there is no chance of any further infection.

It is vital that precautions be taken on the assumption that Hendra virus may be involved in order to avoid health and mortality issues to humans and to other horses.

A Rockhampton vet has died after contracting the virus when treating an infected horse about a month ago.
Notify suspected Hendra virus cases by contacting:

• QPIF on 13 25 23 (during business hours)
• the Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline on 1800 675 888 (24-hour hotline).

Contact the Queensland Health Hotline on 13 Health (432584) if you have concerns about possible exposure of people to Hendra virus.

fact sheet for the community.

community engagement calendar.

Find out more information on Hendra testing.

Published by Henry Sapiecha 4th Sept 2009


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