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The journey from living with cancer to living
without cancer starts at Guangzhou Yu Hao


  • We have in our faculty three of China’s top
    oncologists/scientists making us one of the leading tumor
    treatment centre cand stem cell laboratory in China
  • Other hospitals have referred patients to us as a last resort
  • Ongoing research and development of new technology and
  • Effective alternative/complementary treatment to surgery,
    chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • The quick adoption and use of advanced new medical
    technology and equipment
  • Unique methods
  • Some therapies are 100% non-invasive (no surgeries)
  • Immediate relief from severe pain (as fast as a week from
  • We can accept terminal cases (except for patients who are
    too frail to travel to China)
  • Fast results (within 30 days)
  • Minimal side-effects
  • Use of Traditional Chinese Medicine as an effective pain
    reliever and as a supplemental treatment for boosting the
    immune system
  • The best of the East and West

Some of our Pioneering Achievements:

  • The first to introduce Internal Gamma Knife or Nuclear
    Particle Knife treatment into Guangzhou – one of the most
    sophisticated cancer treatments in the world. This technology
    has been used for the last 4 years by our Chief Medical
    consultant to treat over 3000 patients successfully. The first
    Brachytherapy in Guangzhou was successfully done at our
  • The first radioactive holder therapy for esophageal
    carcinoma in Guangzhou was successfully done by us
  • The first in China to use HIFU to successfully treat liver portal
    vein cancer bolt
  • No excision required for the successful treatment of breast
  • No excision required for the treatment of rectum carcinoma
  • No excision of the esophagus required in cases of esophagus
  • The first Telemedicine center in Guangzhou where our
    expertise is made available to all
  • Special emphasis on the humane treatment of patients and
    fostering close doctor patient relationships.

china-hospital-foyer-1china-hospital-security-screenschina-hospital-foyer-2 is dedicated to helping you to
understand your options in your fight against cancer.
We hope the information provided on this website is enough for you to
make a decision to contact us to explore the best treatment plan for yourself or loved ones.

Our strength lies in bringing together three factors: vast experience, top expertise, and the latest medical technologies all in one location.

We understand that for many who have not visited China before
that the thought of going to a foreign country for treatment
may seem daunting. That is why we are committed to doing our best so that international enquiries for admission are dealt with efficiently and
quickly and we will provide the necessary information and help to ensure that you and your family’s visit and stay is most comfortable and hassle-free.

Contact Us today for
your queries.

Sourced and published by Henry Sapiecha 7th Sept 2009


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