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Aboriginal Multi-Purpose Healing Lotion & bush remedy.

This age-old healing lotion is a hydrasol. Now, a hydrasol is usually the byproduct of distilling leaf material to obtain an essential oil. We all know of essential oils, peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus etc. The usual process of obtaining essential oils assumes the essential oil is the primary product, and the hydrasol, the water, and the nutrients from the leaves, are left behind after distilling, is considered a by-product.

But what if the hydrasol itself is the primary product, rather than the by-product of distilling leaf material? That is the case with this amazing Aboriginal Multi-Purpose Healing Lotion. In most eucalyptus oil distillation processes, eucalyptus globulis, grown in plantations is used. Not so with this product. Other selected eucalypt species are collected, and distilled to provide this amazing hydrasol. The eucalyptus oil is discarded, and the hydrasol is retained.

The Aboriginal Multi-Purpose Healing Lotion retains and enhances the properties of the original leaf. Eucalyptus leaves have antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, and antiviral properties. The leaves contain tannins (which are believed to help reduce inflammation), flavonoids (such as quercetin, which has antioxidant properties), and volatile oils.

Herbalist Patrick O’Brien is proud to have been chosen by Jolti (a small Aboriginal family company who make the lotion) to bottle and market this age-old healing lotion. At the request of Jolti, a charitable funding component has been built into the Healing Lotion to be donated to the Bulega Childrens Foundation of Bangalore. As well, another funding component has been added to donate to the Wildlife Protection Association of Australia Inc to further their wildlife education and information projects to schools….a total of 15% of the price of the Healing Lotion goes to charity!

Aboriginal Multi-Purpose Healing Lotion is used for skincare, rubbing the lotion on the hands, arms, face, or body refreshes and tones the skin, and helps provide skin clarity and color. The Lotion also helps keep biting insects at bay, relieves the pain of sunburn, soothes bites and scratches, and relieves itching. It also has pain relief properties for aching muscles or joints. We use it ourselves regularly, and find it wonderful. Patrick O’Brien, HH(Dip)MH Herbalist.

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