Lose 20 kilos and win

“Grape juice cure” for obesity revealed in a
vision to mystic Edgar Cayce… WORKS!

“We have a friend who’s a light eater,” they told me. “As soon as it gets light, she eats! But seriously, Marty, we know how tough it can be to battle food cravings. If you can lick them, you don’t need to diet – and if you can’t, no diet will work!

“So we told our friend about the grape juice remedy recommended over 60 years ago by Edgar Cayce…”

Now that got me curious! Edgar Cayce was one of the strangest healers who ever lived…

Born in 1877, he was a world-acclaimed mystic. He’d go into a trance and utter all kinds of prophecies and pronouncements. Some of his odd-sounding remedies don’t work, but once in a while he hit one out of the park…

And this one’s a winner. As it was explained, “Since our friend started this grape juice regimen, she’s fitting into clothes she hasn’t worn in years!”

Sourced & published by Henry Sapiecha

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