And as for your sex life…WHOA!

Ninety-year-old Noel Johnson writes that it changed him “from dud to stud!” So what is this ultimate male elixir?

BEE POLLEN?! Before you laugh, bear in mind that pollen is literally the “male essence” of the plant kingdom. Only when flowers are pollinated can they make seeds (and more little flowers). And bee pollen contains the male essence of every plant the bees visit, plus digestive enzymes from the bees that make it even more powerful.

Sexual secret of the pharaohs? Bee pollen has been found buried with pharaohs in 5,000-year-old Egyptian tombs. And amazingly, it’s still active and viable.

Why not see if it works for YOU? Just make sure you use the special type of granular bee pollen specified on page 260 in your RISK-FREE copy of Bottom Line’s HEALING REMEDIES. Take as directed and make a beeline for bed. (NOT to sleep.)

  • Casanova’s sexual antifreeze. They never said, “I’ve got a headache” to him! Turns out, the legendary Italian lover Giacomo Casanova, used a very seductive secret “persuader.” Mix 2 cups of Champagne with minced chives, Simmer until it’s thick,  (Use it responsibly!)
  • Sourced & published by Henry Sapiecha

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