Let them eat fish & fat

Older folk who suffer from depression don’t need a drug, a hug, or a room in an senior’s home.

Just let them eat their fatty meats and fish by the bucketload!

A fresh study proves again what’s been said all along — the best way to get your groove back is to put fat back on the menu.

It’s true at any age, but the latest study looks at seniors: Iranian researchers recruited 66 who suffered from moderate to somewhat more severe depression, then gave them either a placebo or a 1-gram fish oil supplement containing 300 mg each of DHA and EPA.

That’s not a lot — you can and should get more — but the new study shows it’s a pretty good start, because the patients who got the supplement saw more relief from their depression as measured by a standardized 15-question survey than those given the placebo.

Side note: Anyone who can diagnose a serious mental disorder in 15 questions is full of it, and I don’t mean fish oil.

But that’s an argument for another day.

In any case, none of this surprises me — and if you’re a longtime reader, it won’t surprise you either. The only real surprise here is that researchers think this is still worth studying.

It’s not.

The verdict was in long ago — fish oil, cod liver oil, omega-3 fatty acids or whatever other name you want to sell it under is essential to the human brain at any age… and the shift away from these fats in the diet has been disastrous.

Don’t expect a mea culpa from the mainstream on this any time soon — they’re still pushing bunny chow despite the fact that it hasn’t made anyone thinner, happier or healthier.

Save your own noggin — enjoy your fats, and take a quality omega-3 supplement.

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