New Virus Engineered

to only Kill Cancer Cells

September 1, 2011 | Filed under: Health | Posted by: G. Eden

A new virus that has been specifically engineered to kill cancer cells has been found to be a medical first because of its effectiveness. The virus has been engineered by medical researchers to target only cancer cells throughout the human body.

The virus is very special because it only attacks cancerous tumours and leaves healthy tissue fully intact.  The virus has been trialled on humans but so far the trials have only been quite small (23 people have only been trialled so far).

If the research goes to plan then the treatment could give cancer therapies a real transformation.

Viruses have been used before to kill cancer but they have always been injected direct into the tumour in order to avoid killing the healthy cells. This new virus will without doubt make the treatment much much easier and possibly more effective.

The new virus has been developed by scientists who modified the vaccinia virus. The vaccinia virus is more commonly used usually as a smallpox vaccine. The new form of this virus is known as JX-594.

The research was guided & inspired by a team of scientists from the University of Ottawa in the United States.

Sourced & published by Henry Sapiecha

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