Ginseng can fight cancer fatigue

I don’t know what’s worse — cancer, or the treatments.
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The disease itself is enough to leave you feeling drained. But throw in invasive surgeries, toxic drugs, radiation, and chemo and it’s no wonder cancer patients look and feel like death most of the time.

So OF COURSE they’re fatigued. Can you blame them? But a new study finds ginseng root can help bring a little of that energy back.

The only “catch” is that it takes a few weeks.

Researchers gave 360 patients receiving cancer treatments — including more than 200 breast cancer patients — either 2,000 mg of ground ginseng root or a placebo for eight weeks.

After four weeks, there were no differences between the two groups. After eight, bingo — 90 percent of the women on ginseng reported improvements. On average, the women started out at a 55 on a 100-point fatigue “scale,” but after eight weeks they dropped 20 points to a much more manageable 35.
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Those who got the placebo only had half that improvement.

The women who took the ginseng said they felt less “sluggish,” “tired,” “worn out,” and “pooped” than they did at the start.

The one caveat here is that low-quality ginseng supplements are processed with ethanol, and ethanol can actually stimulate the growth of breast tumors.

Clearly, you don’t want that — so stick to pure ground ginseng root rather than an extract.

By the way, it’s not a bad idea to take this stuff even if you aren’t “sluggish,” “tired,” “worn out,” or “pooped” — because ginseng can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, including cancers of the breast and prostate.

But while ginseng is great it’s not the only drug-free cancer beater. It’s not even the best of the lot — because there are even more effective natural cures that can help you beat the disease without drugs or even chemo

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