Family run in Bridge to Brisbane Qld Australia to raise awareness of stomach cancer

Stomach cancer death of Tony Worden

Gillian Worden, of Murarrie and her children Charli, 8, and Tate, 6, image

TONY Worden died from one of the “forgotten cancers” but his wife is determined to shine a spotlight on the killer that robbed their two young children of a father.

Mr Worden was only 41, a regular gym-goer and nonsmoker with a healthy diet when doctors discovered an 11cm stomach tumour.

Tony Worden died of stomach cancer in 2013 image

He had no known family history of stomach cancer and died in January last year, just 14 months after the diagnosis.

Tony Worden died of stomach cancer in 2013 and now his family will run in his memory.

His wife Gillian, and their daughter Charli, 8, and son Tate, 6, have entered the 5km event in The Sunday Mail Suncorp Bank Bridge to Brisbane on Father’s Day to raise much-needed research funding for the Gastrointestinal Cancer Institute in Tony’s honour.

Mrs Worden said her husband’s only symptom before diagnosis was reflux, which lasted for about two months before he saw a GP.

“We were expecting it to be a stomach ulcer. We weren’t even considering that it would be anything more sinister than that,” she said.

Mr Worden had chemotherapy followed by radiation to try and shrink the tumour for surgery but doctors deemed the cancer too advanced to operate.

“Stomach cancer just doesn’t attract the same sort of awareness as other cancers,” Mrs Worden said. “There’s such a poor outcome with stomach cancers.”

The family has been struck by serious illness before, when Tate was diagnosed with an optic glioma, a type of brain tumour, when he was just nine months old. He had 18 months of chemotherapy to shrink the tumour and still has six-monthly scans to make sure it has not started growing again.

The Wordens are determined to carry on as Tony would have wanted them to, doing all the things they would have done if he was still alive, including camping trips.

About 23,000 Australians are diagnosed with gastro­intestinal cancers each year, including tumours of the stomach, oesophagus, gall bladder, liver, pancreas and bowel.

In 2007, 9896 people died of GI cancers compared to 2706 with breast cancer and 2938 with prostate cancer.

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1…I am a survivor, they removed a 14cm malignant  tumour from my large bowel, cutting out 24 cm, I wore a Stoma bag for 7 months, had no Chemo or Radiation, they only found mine after I had a hip replacement and was not making enough Iron, luckily I had a very caring Dr,  I had a reversal done 3 weeks ago, now getting back to a normal life with no Cancer, I have been given the all clear, I am 72 years old, .the first thing that enters your mind  is why me, I was not overweight, I ate healthy, very little Supermarket food, never drank soft drinks, the best thing is to think positive all the time, and my advice is to have regular Colonoscopies, after you turn 50, it will save your life like it did mine. the fact is guys you are not bulletproof

2…My heart goes out to Gillian Charli & Tate & I wish them every success for the future (in particular Tate’s continuing to keeping the brain tumour at bay!) I cannot help but wonder WHY men like Tony wait 2 months before going to a Dr to seek an opinion about a condition that obviously needed addressing! I’ve heard of so many men who just continue on & keep shrugging off symptoms with the attitude ‘She’ll be right mate!’Gentleman PLEASE if a symptom persists for more than a couple of days have it checked out! Not only could it save your life, it will save your family a lifetime of misery!

3…Reflux and Barretts often lead to Oesophageal cancer.. Not big numbers get this cancer and not many survive. I had to get support and information from the US during my husbands battle 10 years ago. He was fit and healthy and lived  only 15 months.  In the US my friends, EC Awareness, are getting states to declare one month a year, Esophageal Cancer month and we should take up this fight too.. it does not discriminate, young or old and it is not a nice cancer either.  Can’t find the Australian figures but they are something like 1600 diagnosed and 1400 die in a year, and few survivors after five years.

4…My sister died from stomach cancer at 40 after 12 months from when she was diagnosed and left behind 6 children the youngest only 2.RIP Janet Glesson nee Single.

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