U.S. prescription drug spending jumps 13% to a record $374 billion


The influx of millions of people newly insured under the Affordable Care Act was less of a factor than expected — about $1 billion of the spending growth, it said.

“This was an outstanding year, really a once-in-a-lifetime year,” said Michael Kleinrock, director of research development for IMS Health. “It was the largest dollar growth in a single year we’ve ever measured. This is a huge amount of extra spending.”

Does it bother you so much that 10 million more people now have access to healthcare? Is it a bad thing that thousands of people are receiving treatment for the previously incurable Hep C and will no longer be spreading it amongst the population?
I mean, I’m sure you don’t have much human contact at all – to say nothing of intimate – so you don’t worry about communicable diseases. But some of us do.


Henry Sapiecha

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