Mum with terminal cancer writes a lifetime of greeting cards for her daughter.Video story here.

Mum with terminal cancer writes a lifestyle of greeting cards for her daughter image

Mum with terminal cancer writes a lifestyle of greeting cards for her daughter. Photo: Facebook

Heather McManamy has written a letter to her four-year-old daughter for every milestone she will miss.

The wife and mother of one, has terminal cancer but she is determined to stay in her family’s life long after she is gone.

“I did them from when she’s older or younger — random encouragement, bad day, wedding, driver license, even first breakup,” Heather, 35, of Wisconsin, told ABC News.

“Every one of these that I get to hand out in person will be an accomplishment.”

In 2013 Heather was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, but received a terminal diagnosis in August 2014.

Despite this, Heather says she will do anything to be here a little longer for her daughter Brianna and her husband.

“I’m in my fourth round of chemo — nine in total,” she said.

“I guess I still have hope. I’m just not ready to say goodbye yet. It’s really painful to know that they’re going to be sad and I won’t be there to comfort them.”

Heather and her husband have been together for 13 years, in what she calls a “really special relationship”.

For the last few months Heather has been raiding stores looking for greeting cards to leave behind for her daughter – she has 40 in total, the ABC reports.

“They’re like this physical representation of ‘this is all of the stuff I’m going to miss,” she said.

“I’m going to miss everything and I never like missing anything. I’m always the last one to leave the party.”

Despite growing up with a mum who has cancer, Heather says her daughter is “so happy and hilarious.”

“She’s a special, empathetic kid and she really cares for other people.”

“I don’t care what she does in her life,” Heather said.

“I just want her to find her happiness. Life it short. If she’s true to herself, everything will be OK.”

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