You’ve Heard Of Skin Cancer, But Did You Know There is nail cancer as well-Video report here.

Everyone knows that if you see a mole or a freckle that looks strange in color or size, you should get it checked out. It’s important to catch these potentially cancerous masses before they turn into something deadly.

But have you ever heard of anyone finding cancerous tissue in their fingernails? Well, it can happen. Just as cancer can affect the skin, it can also affect the skin under your nails, and it usually manifests as a dark-colored stripe or streak that gradually increases in size and darkness.

The cancerous tissue, according to nail specialist Dr. Dana Stern, affects the nail matrix.

These bizarre lines on fingernails aren't always signs of cancer image-2

Keeping an eye on yourself is always a good idea. If you see or feel anything out of the ordinary, seek medical help as soon as possible to make sure that nothing serious is happening. If something serious is the cause, early detection and treatment will greatly increase your chances of making a full recovery.

These bizarre lines on fingernails aren't always signs of cancer image

Most nail markings are actually the result of vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

Dr. Stern says that the thumb, index finger, and big toe are the most common digits affected by this strange form of cancer.

The nail matrix sits near the cuticle, and it’s where all fingernails and toenails originate.

These bizarre lines aren’t always signs of cancer, but it’s best to get them looked at.


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