Brain scan reveals tumour the size of a fist

A tumour the size of a lemon was discovered in Kayla Geltch's skull.image

A tumour the size of a lemon was discovered in Kayla Geltch’s skull.

IT TOOK Kayla Geltch to be on the brink of death before she was finally given a brain scan.

What they scan revealed shocked everyone.

It located a brain tumour the size of a lemon inside her head.

The tumour had moulded into the skull signifying that it had been there for a long time… maybe even since birth.

Recalling back on the moment she was told the news, Kayla’s mum Katrina said it made her soul ache.

“It breaks my heart,” she said.

“I just couldn’t talk when we were told.

“We’ve been pushing for a brain scan for a while, and this is what it took to get one.”

Kayla Geltch, 19, will soon undergo life changing surgery to remove some of her brain tumour.image

Kayla Geltch, 19, will soon undergo life changing surgery to remove some of her brain tumour.

Kayla, 19, has a range of disabilities which includes autism and Asperger’s.

She is mobile but doesn’t speak, and requires full-time care.

About four weeks ago, Kayla had a seizure which almost had a fatal end.

Ms Geltch’s partner Matt Liston has been with the family as the tragedy unfolded.

She was practically dead for 10 minutes, before ambulance arrived,” he said.

What really shook Ms Geltch is the concept that the tumour could have been there lifelong.

“Her behaviour was dismissed as an autism meltdown,” Ms Geltch said.

“She was given medication specifically for that.”

Kayla was transported to the Royal Brisbane Hospital shortly after and that is where she is now.

In the coming days, she will have surgery on the tumour.

Due to its fragile placement, that surgery comes with its own set of risks giving Ms Geltch even more things to stress about.

Ms Geltch is currently waiting for a surgery for her own medical condition, and is physically not able to transport to Brisbane at this very moment.

We have been talking to the doctors every day and seeing how she is going,” Ms Geltch said.

Mr Liston is traveling to Brisbane soon to be with Kayla.

During this difficult time, Kayla’s family is reaching out to the community for help.

A GoFundMe page has been set up, allowing for people to donate.

“We don’t know what will happen after Kayla’s surgery, or what the fees will be,” Ms Geltch said.

“We may need to move down to Brisbane permanently.”

The family also has two other children to take care of.

The GoFundMe page can be found at

And for those who would like to donate but would like to give in cash, head to Le petit chocolatier Hervey Bay.

“Our experience is also a warning for other parents with disabled children, that something that is wrong with them, could be something different from what it appears,” Ms Geltch said.

“They thought she just had behavioural problems, but it turned out to be a tumour.”

Katrina and Kayla Geltch have some mother and daughter fun.image


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