After Getting Two Small Nicks At The Barber, This Man Developed A Life-Altering Condition


A trip to the barber usually doesn’t result in any lasting effects aside from your hair being shorter for a little while.

For Keith Crowell, though, one shave led to years of pain and discomfort. While in the barber’s chair, Crowell suffered two small nicks, one on each side of his face. While normally these would’ve been non-issues, both cuts developed into keloids. Keloids are growths that can develop where scar tissue forms, and because Crowell’s are particularly large and painful, he has trouble breathing and hearing.

Even after two surgeries, Crowell’s keloids grew back. He has since found a doctor with a successful treatment record, but his insurance company refuses to cover the procedure, deeming it cosmetic.

Despite this, Crowell plans to undergo the surgery. He’s suffered so much already. We’re rooting for him!


Henry Sapiecha

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