Terminal illness is not a death sentence


How often does one lose hope in finding a cure or treating a condition that is deemed to be hopeless. Too far gone…!! Go home and die…!! Get your affairs in order…!! Notify your family…!! It’s terminal…!! Call the priest…!! You’ve let it go too long…!! It’s too advanced..!! It’s spread too far…!! Should have  come earlier…!! Should have looked after yourself…!! Too much sun when you were younger…!!etc.etc

Should have-Would have, could have, shmould have…

Despite the fact that medical professionals are trained to diagnose and treat diseases and conditions they are not infallible.

Their diagnosies are not always correct.

There is always hope to overcome the prediction of impending death or a prognosis of incapacitation temporarily or for ones lifetime.

Let these writings and articles from various sources be an inspiration to us all in not losing hope and perhaps accessing these ‘treatments and/or cures’ herein for what they may or may not do in solving your health problems.

The editor of this site gives no undertaking as to the effectiveness of the treatments or cures posted in this site, but merely sources and presents them here for your easy access to assess on their merits.

Go forth and conquer…….

Henry Sapiecha