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Viagra slows the spread of malaria, report shows

Friday, May 15th, 2015

Viagra does more than treat erectile dysfunction. Researchers have found it can slow the spread of malaria image

Viagra does more than treat erectile dysfunction. Researchers have found it can slow the spread of malaria.

The little blue pill that gives men more oomph in the bedroom has an unexpected benefit – it can slow the spread of malaria.

Viagra doesn’t just have a stiffening effect on men’s anatomy, it also makes the one-celled parasite that causes malaria more rigid.

A team of European researchers have found that this effect deforms the red blood cells that transport the parasite, encouraging the spleen to clear them from the system.

viagra & malaria image

With fewer infected red blood cells circulating the body, it becomes harder for one of the most common malaria parasites, Plasmodium falciparum, to be transmitted to an uninfected mosquito when it feeds on an infected person or animal.

Lead researcher Catherine Lavasec, from the Pasteur Institute in France, said there was a desperate need for novel interventions to target the transmission of the malaria parasite from a human host to the mosquito.

“Blocking Plasmodium falciparum transmission to mosquitoes has been designated a strategic objective in the global agenda of malaria elimination,” she said.

Normally, infected blood cells slip by the spleen because they are as squishy as healthy red blood cells.

Using an artificial spleen, the team found that certain drugs such as Viagra, also known as sildenafil, could stiffen these cells by inhibiting an enzyme that would normally make them squishy. The stiff cells are then cleared by the spleen.

As well as treating erectile dysfunction, Viagra has been used to lower blood pressure and relieve altitude sickness.

The research team said their findings are “proof of principle” that certain drugs can target malaria-infected red blood cells and these may be used as a new class of antimalarial drugs.

More than 198 million people were infected with malaria and more than 500,000 people died from the disease in 2013, according to the latest global estimates collected by the World Health Organisation.

The malaria parasite can only be transmitted by the females of certain varieties of mosquitoes from the Anopheles genus. Females need nutrients from a blood meal to develop their eggs.

The study was partly funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust and has been published in the scientific journal PLOS Pathogens.


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Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Semen ‘killer flu’

found to be an allergy

Thomas Maugh
January 20, 2011

LOS ANGELES: Some males seem to be allergic to their own semen, developing a mysterious flu-like illness after they have ejaculated, Dutch researchers say.

The condition, known as post-orgasmic illness syndrome or POIS, has been documented since 2002. Symptoms include feverishness, runny nose, extreme fatigue and burning eyes, which can last for up to a week.

Some doctors had suggested the disorder was psychosomatic, but Marcel Waldinger, a professor of sexual psychopharmacology at Utrecht University, and colleagues demonstrated in two papers in The Journal of Sexual Medicine that the syndrome was allergic in nature and that it might be possible to desensitise men to the problem.

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Dr Waldinger and his colleagues studied 45 men with POIS. Thirty-three agreed to undergo a standard skin allergy test using a diluted form of their own semen; 29 of the 33, or 88 per cent, showed a positive allergic reaction, indicating an autoimmune response.

It is not clear, however, why they exhibited a response to the semen only when it was released from the testicles.

”They didn’t feel ill when they masturbated without ejaculating,” Dr Waldinger said. ”But as soon as the semen came from the testes … they became ill, sometimes within a few minutes.”

In a second study in the journal, Dr Waldinger used what is known as hyposensitisation therapy on two of the men, injecting them with steadily stronger solutions of their semen. The team found that after one and three years, the men showed significantly less POIS symptoms.

Los Angeles Times

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Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

And as for your sex life…WHOA!

Ninety-year-old Noel Johnson writes that it changed him “from dud to stud!” So what is this ultimate male elixir?

BEE POLLEN?! Before you laugh, bear in mind that pollen is literally the “male essence” of the plant kingdom. Only when flowers are pollinated can they make seeds (and more little flowers). And bee pollen contains the male essence of every plant the bees visit, plus digestive enzymes from the bees that make it even more powerful.

Sexual secret of the pharaohs? Bee pollen has been found buried with pharaohs in 5,000-year-old Egyptian tombs. And amazingly, it’s still active and viable.

Why not see if it works for YOU? Just make sure you use the special type of granular bee pollen specified on page 260 in your RISK-FREE copy of Bottom Line’s HEALING REMEDIES. Take as directed and make a beeline for bed. (NOT to sleep.)

  • Casanova’s sexual antifreeze. They never said, “I’ve got a headache” to him! Turns out, the legendary Italian lover Giacomo Casanova, used a very seductive secret “persuader.” Mix 2 cups of Champagne with minced chives, Simmer until it’s thick,  (Use it responsibly!)
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Monday, December 27th, 2010

AIRPORT screenings can give you a sexually transmitted disease

You could pick up a sex disease on your next trip – and you don’t even have to visit a hooker in a foreign city to get it.

Just a visit to the airport will do, because the perverted American government is spreading germs as it forces passengers to spread for its new “enhanced security screenings.”

You’ve probably heard a bit about these government-sanctioned gropings. One TV news producer singled out for a special pat down said the agent stuck a hand inside her pants and even felt around inside her panties.

“It was basically worse than going to the gynecologist,” she said. “It was embarrassing. It was demeaning. It was inappropriate.”

It’s also a very real public health threat.

The TV news producer didn’t mention the rubber gloves worn by the screeners, but there have been multiple reports of Transportation Security Admininstration (TSA) workers using the same gloves from one passenger to the next.

And that means every visit with a TSA worker could be like a quick dip in a Tijuana whorehouse – because these guys could be passing out everything from herpes to the crabs all day and night.

That’s a bigger threat to passenger safety than any wannabe terrorist!

A breast cancer survivor was forced to remove her prosthetic breast. A bladder cancer survivor was left covered in his own urine when TSA workers caused his urostomy bag to burst. Children have been screaming through some very personal lessons in “bad touch.”

And in one case, a nursing mother who complained to the TSA after agents X-rayed bottles of pumped breast milk was singled out for retaliatory extra screening during her next trip.

Watch her 90-minute ordeal here.

Expect more stories like these, assuming people are still allowed to talk about them – because Uncle Sam has finally succeeded. He’s groped passenger rights away – and we might never get them back.

Happy New Year!

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Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010
The watermelon strengthens human body.Sex maniac food.

Scientists have found that watermelons have many health benefits, not the least of which is its ability to act like Viagra. According to a study from the University of Texas, “The more we study watermelons, the more we are convinced of how amazing the fruit is by providing elements that strengthen the human body.” Researchers have found similar ingredients to those of Viagra and its use could increase libido.

The key to the added benefits of eating watermelons are in their content of citrulline, a substance that has the ability to produce a relaxation of the capillaries. When the substance is converted into an amino acid called arginine, it produces wonders in the heart, in the circulatory system and maintains a good immune system.

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Monday, August 16th, 2010

Toxic ingredients in common soaps

Common antimicrobial soap ingredients can kill sperm and damage the female babymaking equipment – and now, a lawsuit-happy environmental group is suing the feds over it.

After all, they first proposed regulating these antimicrobial chemicals – triclosan and triclocarban – 30 years ago. They promised to act once they completed a study… but I’ll bet you can guess what happened next. They never bothered to study it.

That’s your government (not) at work.

So they ‘washed’ their hands of it, and today these completely unregulated toxic chemicals are free to go to town on your endocrine system, reproductive system, and more every single time you lather up.

As I’ve told you before, triclosan is actually a pesticide — not a soap. And when it gets in the water, fish die. With a chemical that powerful, your poor little sperm never even have a chance.

The group that filed the suit, the National Resources Defense Council, is the same organization that recently sued the feds over their lack of regulations on BPA. The FDA’s bureaucrats may do a whole lot of nothing, but the agency’s lawyers sure are keeping busy.

Don’t wait for the lawyers, bureaucrats, and environmental groups to sort this one out, because while these things might be bad news for people, fish and sperm, they’re not exactly terrorizing bacteria. Studies have found that antimicrobial soaps are actually no better at killing germs than the plain old soap – and the FDA has even admitted as much.

What’s more, the overuse of these soaps is helping to create drug-resistant superbugs… and boy do we overuse them: Triclosan residue is believed to be on 75 percent of Americans over the age of 6.

So do yourself and the rest of us a favor: Keep clean… but stick to plain old soap.

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Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

STD linked to skin cancer

Well, well, well – it looks like the mainstream has accidentally stumbled upon the truth that skin cancer might be caused by something other than the sun. Researchers have found that some strains of HPV, a common sexually acquired virus, can dramatically increase your skin cancer risk.
Read the full story.

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Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The Cancer-Causing Sex Virus

Matthew Herper, 07.21.10, 04:15 PM EDT

HPV–known for causing cervical cancer–is

emerging as the leading cause of throat cancer in

men. Should they get the vaccine too?

Martin Duffy, a Boston consultant and economist, thought he just had a sore throat. When it persisted for months, he went to the doctor and learned there was a tumor on his tonsils.

Duffy, now 70, had none of the traditional risk factors for throat cancer. He doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink and has run 40 Boston marathons. Instead, his cancer was caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), which is sexually transmitted and a common cause of throat and mouth cancer.

HPV tumors have a better prognosis than those caused by too many years of booze and cigarettes. But Duffy “is in the unlucky 20%” whose cancer comes back–despite rounds of chemotherapy and radiation that melted 20 more pounds off a lean 150-pound frame. Now the cancer has spread throughout his throat, making eating and talking difficult. “I made my living as a public speaker,” he says. “Now I sound like Daffy Duck.” Duffy believes he has only a few months left. “How do you tell the people you love you love them?” he asks.

Nine Things You Need To Know About HPV


Most strains of the HPV virus are harmless, but persistent infections with two HPV strains cause 70% of the 12,000 cases of cervical cancers diagnosed annually in the U.S. Other forms of the sexually transmitted virus can cause penile and anal cancer, and genital warts. The HPV throat cancer connection has emerged in just the last few years and is so new that the government doesn’t track its incidence. Researchers believe it is transmitted via oral sex. But top researchers estimate that there are 11,300 HPV throat cancers each year in the U.S.–and the numbers are growing fast as people have been having more sexual partners since the 1960s. By 2015 there could be 20,000 cases. For more surprising discoveries about HPV, read here.

These big numbers have some top researchers arguing that drug makers should test whether HPV vaccines now used to prevent cervical cancer in women can also prevent throat infections in boys. Two vaccines, Gardasil from Merck ( MRK news people ) and Cervarix from GlaxoSmithKline ( GSK news people ), are approved for preventing cervical cancer. Gardasil is approved for use in boys only to prevent genital warts.

// Vaccinating boys could stop this meteoric increase in throat cancer. “Clearly, boys need to be vaccinated,” says Marshall Posner, the incoming medical director of head and neck cancer at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York. “I want my kids to be vaccinated. I don’t see a downside to these vaccines.”

There’s only one problem: The vaccine manufacturers aren’t terribly hot on the idea. GlaxoSmithKline says it has no plans to study throat cancer. It adds that it is “committed to providing a vaccine specifically designed to protect against cervical cancer in girls and young women.”

Merck, the maker of Gardasil, seemed more interested a couple of years ago. In 2008 it funded Maura Gillison, the Ohio State University researcher who established the HPV-throat-cancer link in 2000, to do a pilot study to show that test could reliably detect HPV infection in the throat. The pilot study was successful. By early 2009 Gillison says that a larger study of the vaccine in throat cancer looked close to being green lit.

But after Merck agreed to buy rival Schering-Plough ( SGP news people ) for $41 billion in March 2009, interest in a big study seemed to evaporate, Gillison says. In a statement, Merck says that “due to competing research and business priorities, we decided not to move ahead with an efficacy study at this time.”

The drug makers’ reticence probably stems from a fear that a throat-cancer vaccine would be hard to get approved. Papilloma viruses usually cause cancer slowly, causing pre-cancerous lesions that take many years to blossom into full-fledged malignant tumors. Papilloma viruses cause the horn-like growths in rabbits that probably gave rise to myths of “jackalopes” in the American West. In the cervix, early abnormal growths can be picked up with a diagnostic test, the Pap smear. Clinical trials of Gardasil and Cervarix took advantage of this, measuring the number of pre-cancerous growths prevented by the vaccines.

But there are no easy-to-detect pre-cancers in the throat. Adolescent boys would have to be followed for decades to to see if the vaccine prevented throat cancer, an unlikely scenario. Short of this, studies could only look at the prevention of HPV throat infections, not cancer or cancer precursors directly. Approving a vaccine for wide use based on this type of short-term data would require a leap of faith that the Food and Drug Administration might not be willing to take.

Top researchers say the federal government needs to step in and fund the long study if drug companies cannot be persuaded to do it themselves. “I’m sorry Merck decided not to do it,” says Posner. “But in the end, this is a federal responsibility. It’s a public health issue.”

For his part, Martin Duffy thinks that drug companies’ complacent attitude toward throat cancer would be different if more of their employees were in his situation. “It will change real fast,” he says, “if one of their executives comes down with this disease.”

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Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

New therapy found for erectile dysfunction

CHICAGO (UPI) — U.S. researchers say they’ve discovered a therapy that might be able to preserve erectile function following prostate cancer surgery.

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine scientists say up to 80 percent of men undergoing the procedure will lose the ability to have an erection because of damage to a critical nerve that runs along the prostate. But the new study suggests the damaged nerve can be regenerated more quickly with a protein called sonic hedgehog, delivered via a nanofiber gel.

The study, conducted with rats, showed the protein regenerated the damaged nerve twice as quickly as it would have regenerated on its own, the researchers said, noting speeding the nerve healing is essential in order to prevent cell death in the penis and to preserve erectile function.

“This discovery about sonic hedgehog could be applicable not only to erectile dysfunction after prostate surgery, but also when the cavernous nerve is damaged by diabetes, which also causes erectile dysfunction,” said Assistant Professor Carol Podlasek, who led the study. She said the finding might also apply to damaged sciatic or facial nerves.

The name sonic hedgehog is taken from a popular video game. The protein is a vital building block in the body that promotes nerve regeneration,

The findings were presented recently in San Francisco during the annual meeting of the American Urological Association.

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Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Man with dysfunctional penile implant will take the money.



PROVIDENCE — Charles “Chick” Lennon, the retired handyman who sued over a penile implant that won’t remain in the down position, is going to receive a $400,000 judgment after all, according to a state Supreme Court order issued today.

Lennon, 68, of North Providence, is expected to get a total of $950,000, with interest included, because of the Dura-II penile implant that he says has been causing him pain and embarrassment for a decade.

“I’m just glad it’s over. It’s been a pain,” Lennon said of the legal battle with the implant manufacturer, Dacomed Corp., and its insurance company.

For a while, it had appeared Lennon was not going to get a dime despite a jury’s decision to award him $750,000.

Superior Court Judge Edward C. Clifton had lowered the jury award to $400,000. And after both sides appealed, the Supreme Court had given Lennon 20 days to accept the $400,000 or to have a new trial on damages. Lennon decided to take the money.


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