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Thursday, December 11th, 2014

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Just a kind word to the great courteous talented staff of the Maryborough hospital Queensland Australia.

Yours truly went there today for a foot repair after getting stabbed by a dangerous stick

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Despite my earlier efforts over the last several days to do the Moucho thing & fix it myself

it became infected & I sought the hospitals help.

Not only did I get swift attention but the women medical staff surrounded me with kindness & care.

I should get damaged more often. They had gave me a local & cleaned up the wound, took my blood pressure

then put a antibiotic drip feed into me & gave me some painkillers to take away the shakes & pain that the infection was creating.

They said my temperature was over the top & I had a fever.

The outcome was great as the painkillers took away the edge of the pain with some relief for me

Perscribed me some anti b’s with pain killers & asked me to come back tomorrow for an ultrasound

to ensure other remnants of the offending stick were not lodged within the crevice of my foot

NOTE UPDATE..The ultrasound was done the next day & there was still a stick about 20mm long still imbedded deep in my heel.

That was removed the next day & I was deeply relieved it was all out finally.

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NOTE-If anybody ever complains about the service at Queenslands hospitals, they are mad.

I have nothing but praise for the facilities & staff.

I have had similar experiences over 4 times now in the last few years.

Words are not enough girls. Keep up the great work. We are proud of you & value your services.

Thank you

*[A special thanks to Leah who is an apprentice chef & was entertaining me in the waiting area]

Henry Sapiecha



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Tuesday, December 18th, 2012


Researchers at the University of Newcastle Australia are examining the extent and impact of mental health problems in the coal mining industry.
Tri Nature - Environmentally Responsible Household Products

They will work with the Minerals Council and the Hunter Institute of Mental Health to identify the mental health problems of coal industry employees and the impact on workplace safety and productivity.

Mental health problems are estimated to cost the NSW state’s coal mines around $430 million in productivity losses every year.

The University’s Professor Brian Kelly says researchers will also develop a mental health prevention model.

“To put in place a program of work looking at the prevention of mental health problems , the promotion of good mental health in the workplace and ways that people can get effective assistance if they’re experiencing difficulties,” he said.

“There’s similar sort of work being done in other industries and I think is an example of the mining industry taking the lead in this area.”

Professor Kelly says he will be working closely with Hunter coal mines as part of the research.
Tri Nature - Environmentally Responsible Household Products

“The focus of this work will be on the coal industry so yes it will be very relevant to the Hunter region and we are looking forward to working closely with mining sites around the Hunter to look at how to support their workforce more effectively,” he said.

Sourced & published by Henry Sapiecha