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Monday, December 27th, 2010

AIRPORT screenings can give you a sexually transmitted disease

You could pick up a sex disease on your next trip – and you don’t even have to visit a hooker in a foreign city to get it.

Just a visit to the airport will do, because the perverted American government is spreading germs as it forces passengers to spread for its new “enhanced security screenings.”

You’ve probably heard a bit about these government-sanctioned gropings. One TV news producer singled out for a special pat down said the agent stuck a hand inside her pants and even felt around inside her panties.

“It was basically worse than going to the gynecologist,” she said. “It was embarrassing. It was demeaning. It was inappropriate.”

It’s also a very real public health threat.

The TV news producer didn’t mention the rubber gloves worn by the screeners, but there have been multiple reports of Transportation Security Admininstration (TSA) workers using the same gloves from one passenger to the next.

And that means every visit with a TSA worker could be like a quick dip in a Tijuana whorehouse – because these guys could be passing out everything from herpes to the crabs all day and night.

That’s a bigger threat to passenger safety than any wannabe terrorist!

A breast cancer survivor was forced to remove her prosthetic breast. A bladder cancer survivor was left covered in his own urine when TSA workers caused his urostomy bag to burst. Children have been screaming through some very personal lessons in “bad touch.”

And in one case, a nursing mother who complained to the TSA after agents X-rayed bottles of pumped breast milk was singled out for retaliatory extra screening during her next trip.

Watch her 90-minute ordeal here.

Expect more stories like these, assuming people are still allowed to talk about them – because Uncle Sam has finally succeeded. He’s groped passenger rights away – and we might never get them back.

Happy New Year!

Sourced & published by Henry Sapiecha


Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

X-ray danger warning for frequent fliers

Dec 10 – A leading U.S. expert on radiation and its effects on the human body is warning frequent fliers to be wary of the X-ray scanning machines now commonly used in airports around the world. Rob Muir reports.

Video View video here

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Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Study: Jet lag may mean brain lag

BERKELEY, Calif. (UPI) — Jet lag might make you more than just groggy and dazed, U.S. researchers say — it might even make you stupid.

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, said hamsters suffering extreme, chronic jet lag had about half the normal rate of new neuron birth in one part of the brain and showed deficits in learning and memory, reported Tuesday.

The scientists subjected hamsters to simulated jet lag by advancing their day and night schedule by 6 hours every three days for nearly a month, “like a flight from New York to Paris every three days,” study coauthor Erin Gibson said.

Jet lag decreases the numbers of new neurons being created in the hippocampus by about 50 percent, the team found, as mental function suffered.

Even after 28 days of a back-to-normal schedule, the formerly jet-lagged hamsters still showed learning and memory problems, Gibson said.

The mismatch between the internal body clock and the external environment “is having a long-term effect on learning and memory,” Gibson said.

While it’s not certain exactly how these cognitive problems are induced by jet lag, the sleep hormone melatonin, stress and increased cell death are all possible culprits that need to be explored, she said.

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Sourced & published by Henry Sapiecha