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Sunday, February 13th, 2011

What do you do when told to drink lots of water daily?


After all, tea comes packed with healthy antioxidants — and the researchers say there’s clear evidence that three or four cups a day will lower your heart risk. Other studies have linked tea to better bones, lower cancer risk, and even longer lives.

Drinking cancer

‘Probable carcinogen’ found in water supply

It’s cancer in a cup: U.S. drinking water is contaminated with a toxic chemical that your own government calls a “probable carcinogen.”

So what’s that same government doing about it? Same thing it always does: Nothing!

Drink up, everyone.

The chemical is called hexavalent chromium, and if the name sounds a little familiar then you’ve probably seen the film “Erin Brokovich.” It’s the toxic compound that set off her battle with Pacific Gas & Electric after it was found in the groundwater of Hinkley, California.

Now, we all may as well be living in Hinkley — because tests by the Environmental Working Group on water in 35 cities across the country found the chemical in 31 of them.

Twenty-five of those cities had hexavalent chromium levels in excess of limits being proposed by California. And if you’re in Norman, Oklahoma, congratulations — you’re drinking 200 times that proposed limit.

We have to go by California’s proposed limit because the EPA doesn’t have one — proposed or otherwise.

And that’s where this gets really bizarre… because while the EPA doesn’t set limits for hexavalent chromium, it does care about total chromium levels.

In other words, it lumps this toxic compound into the same category as the essential mineral trivalent chromium.

One is needed by the body to control blood glucose levels, the other might give you cancer, wreck your kidneys and liver, and maybe even kill you — but it’s all the same to Uncle Sam.

Why sweat the details?

But let’s look on the bright side here: Hexavalent chromium probably isn’t the worst thing in your water right now.

Heck, it’s positively healthy next to the rocket fuel, cocaine, aspartame, hormone drugs, and more regularly found in U.S. drinking water — and I’m not talking about isolated incidents here.

From coast to coast, our water is toast — and if you want to know more about WHY these chemicals are turning up, read the September, 2009 issue of The Douglass Report.

Sourced & published by Henry Sapiecha